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Welcome to the NBC Bird & Pest Control Norwich & Great Yarmouth branch. We provide bird control, pest control and wildlife management throughout the region.


About Us

Our mission is to provide our customers with the UK’s most responsive, professional and innovative bird and pest services.

Simon Collins is the regional manager for the NBC Norwich & Great Yarmouth branch which provides bird control and pest control in and around Norwich, Great Yarmouth, Cromer, Attleborough, Watton, Thetford and Wymondham.

To talk to Simon or a member of his team for advice or to arrange a survey call our central office on 0800 169 9646.

Bird Control Experts

We are proud that our bird control teams are the UK’s leading bird control specialists. Our bird control services are all providBRANCH-Bird-Control-Serviceed in-house ensuring the highest standards are maintained. Understanding bird behavior is central to providing effective, lasting bird control that will ensure site safety, lower maintenance costs and maintain site health and safety standards.

Talk a member of your local branch for advice on bird problems or effective bird deterrents calling 0800 169 9646.

Pest Control Treatments & Prevention Services

As a business you will require ongoing protection from rodents, flies and crawling insects to safeguard commercial activities as well as ensure environmental health compliance.

We will ensure that pest prevention measures are in place to ensure compliance  and maintain your health and safety standards. Our service will be delivered to the highest standards  to ensure a clean and safe environment for customers, staff or visiting service engineers.

BRANCH-Pest-Control-ServiceOur call out service provides immediate response for pest infestations including rodents, bed bugs, cockroaches and flying insects. Our teams will respond swiftly and discreetly to deliver responsible pest control so no matter your type of business your pest problem will be dealt with efficiently and safely. We will ensure that your business will be able to quickly resume its day to day activities with a minimum of fuss or disruption.

Call your local team on 0800 169 9646 to protect your business.

Accredited & Approved Health & Safety Standards

At NBC we work hard to maintain our standards and ensure we maintain our excellent health and safety track record. We are BPCA members, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Accredited as well as being SafeContractor approved.

You can find full details of our accreditation and memberships here.

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Bird Control for Norwich & Great Yarmouth

Urban birds have become a common nuisance to residents and businesses in Norwich & Great Yarmouth. The services of our Norwich & Great Yarmouth branch provide expert and responsible bird control, bird deterrents and proofing solutions.

The most common problems our team deal with involve pigeons and gulls which come into conflict with commercial activities. As well as these nuisance bird species our team also provide bird control for crows, ravens, starlings, sparrows and many types of ground nesting birds.

Bird Control & the Law

It is important to note that all wild birds, their nests and eggs are protected by law under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. This does prevent a bird problem from being solved however just that the bird problem and bird control methods need to be carefully considered.

You can talk to your Norwich & Great Yarmouth bird control team for advice or to arrange a survey by calling 0800 169 9646.

Bird Control Services

Bird-Deterrents Bird-Proofing Falconry-Response-Bird-Dete Bird-Nesting-Deterrents Guano-Cleaning

Common Problem Birds

There are many species of nuisance birds that cause problems such as increased maintenance (and costs), disruption to production, service or create hygiene risk and physical hazards. Your site, type of business and the problem bird species will determine which bird deterrent or bird proofing method is used to protect your business or home.

Your local NBC bird control team is available to provide a free and no obligation survey. Our team will then be able to provide the most effective method or bird control programme to protect your business, customers, staff or family.

To arrange a survey freephone 0800 169 9646 and our Norwich & Great Yarmouth team will provide advice or a recommendation to best protect your business or home.

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Reliable Business Protection from Pests

Our experienced teams have been providing pest control and pest prevention services to businesses and homes since 1993. Your experienced local team provide a wide range of services in Norwich & Great Yarmouth to eradicate pest problems and to prevent pest problems occurring in the first place.

By choosing the Norwich & Great Yarmouth branch you will find peace of mind that your business or home is protected from pests. Your local experienced and qualified team will design a service to fit your needs or business type and meet audit requirements. Our services and treatments are delivered responsively, discreetly and responsibly to ensure pest eradication and ongoing business protection.

You can speak to your local NBC team of pest experts for advice or to arrange a site survey by calling 0800 169 9646.

Pest Control Services

Rodent-Control Crawling-Insects Flying-Control Multi-SIte-Pest-Management

Wildlife Management

As well as common urban pests businesses and homes increasingly come into conflict with wildlife such as rabbits, moles, foxes, badgers and other wildlife species. Managing wildlife can appear daunting and often due to the sensitive nature of managing wildlife pest control companies are unsure what action can be taken.

Your Norwich & Great Yarmouth branch is ‘Wildlife Aware’ and will be able to provide advice and recommendations for effective wildlife management. Our teams will protect your home or business and provide peace of mind by delivering responsible, humane and legal wildlife management solutions.

Talk to a member of your local branch for advice or to arrange a free wildlife management survey by calling freephone 0800 169 9646.

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Simon and his team are available to talk to for advice on all pest, wildlife management and bird control matters.




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