The UK's Bird & Wildlife Management Experts

We manage conflict with birds, wildlife and urban pests proactively and
responsibly to ensure your business continuity

Investment today will protect your business and your customers from risk and help you avoid higher costs tomorrow.

  • Bird Control

    Bird Control

    We are the UK’s leading bird deterrent experts for gulls, pigeons and other bird species we deliver effective solutions to protect your business to save maintenance and time.
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  • Wildlife Management

    Wildlife Management

    Our nationwide teams are experts in delivering wildlife management services that enable your business to co-exist with local wildlife without conflict with you day to day activities,
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  • Bird Proofing

    Bird Proofing

    As the UK’s leading bird proofing specialist, we know how to protect your business from gulls and pigeons and other nuisance birds using a variety of exclusion methods.
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  • Pest Control

    Pest Control

    Discreet, responsible and reliable, our pest control solutions are delivered swiftly and effectively protecting your business, whatever you pest problem.
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  • Pigeon Control

    Pigeon Control

    Our pigeon deterrents and specialist cleaning will ensure that your business is free from pigeons and the associated problems – pigeon mess, nests, roosts and noise.
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  • Guano Cleaning

    Guano Cleaning

    With the risk to human health and safety associated with bird droppings, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Our expert team know how to handle this hazardous substance to protect your business image, customers and staff.
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Our Customers

We work in partnership with our customers to deliver practical and effective business protection from birds, wildlife and urban pests

With a proven health and safety track record we are able work across every type of industry adapting
and innovating to provide an expert and valued service

  • LIDL
  • KIER
  • Biffa
  • Miller
  • NHS
  • Marriot Hotels
  • Community Values

    Supporting Customers

    We take our responsibility to our customers seriously, ensuring we work with them to reach the best solution


    We make sure that we work with worthwhile causes and events, nationwide


    We ensure that our work is carried out in line with local and national wildlife conservation regulations
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  • Our Clients say


    TRAC have worked with NBC Bird & Pest Solutions for 4 years and throughout this time have been impressed with the level of service and dedication. NBC has provided us with bird prevention through the use of birds of prey but also invaluable advice which has made our job at the Scottish Parliament much more effective.  Steve Stacey has been our direct contact and he always ensures he liaises directly with us every time he is on site.  A very professional company which I regard as one of our principal contractors.

    TRAC - Scottish Parliament
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